Did You Know What a Powerful Marketing Tool Your Business Card is?

Not long ago the standard business card had basic contact information printed in only one color, black, and on plain white card stock.  Today the options are endless!  You can print on both sides, use many color options, choose different types of card stock, and even have a glossy finish. The cost has come down substantially too, now being only a fraction of what it used to be.  Think of your business card as a mini-brochure that can make a lasting impression.  One side can have your company logo and contact information and the other side can list services your company provides.  You can even add your company’s mission statement if it’s short and sweet.  You have options!  Think about when you hand your business card out.  Usually it’s after just making a new contact; your card can help solidify the lasting impression you made after introducing yourself.  It can even be a conversation jump starter and a way to introduce yourself to a new contact.  Lastly, how many times have you found someone else’s business card in your desk, portfolio, etc.. a month later and made the connection between who they were based on their memorable business card?  Millions of dollars are spent every year on advertising to create a lasting impression and brand recognition.  Why not use your business card as a powerful marketing tool to have your business or service remembered and utilized for a mere fraction of the cost?  It’s brilliant!

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